oh george!

here is part 2 of my show review. after watching donny and marie's show, a and i stuck around to watch the one and only, george wallace. i had seen some of his stand-up routine about a year ago when i was working a corporate event, so i was familiar with his style and knew he was funny. here are my thoughts about his show:

-george doesn't target one specific group. he jokes about everyone and everything.
-he involves the audience a lot and uses them for material; thus, his material changes on a daily basis. smart. (wayne brady does the same thing)
-prizes are sweet! what audience doesn't like free stuff? (i scored a $30 gift card to the alexandra noel salon; he was also giving away airline tickets, a smart car, boxes of ethel m chocolates, dvds, t-shirts, etc.)
-although he was entertaining, we felt like the 90-minute show could have been a 60-minute show.
-it's fascinating how all a comedian needs for a good show is a microphone, humorous material, and good timing. talk about low overhead.  
-he's not blue-i.e. he keeps it pretty clean.

we had the opportunity to catch up with george after the show since a needed to interview him. george was very gracious and invited us up to his dressing room. here are a few interesting facts that i learned about george:
-he's been in vegas for 5 years, but doesn't own a home here. he lives in the flamingo hotel. seriously, i think that would be so fun.
-he has homes in l.a. and atlanta.
-jerry seinfeld is his best friend.
-his background is in marketing and he oversees all the advertising for his show.
-he's just as funny offstage as he is on.

have a fun friday!
photo of george wallace swiped from the web