puppy roses and paper love

last night i had the opportunity to see two shows at the flamingo hotel; "donny and marie" was one of them. here is my unsolicited review of the show. 

*before i begin, i want you to know that i went into the show with an absolutely unbiased (as unbiased as possible) opinion of donny and marie. although they've been around for several decades now, i've somehow managed to be completely ignorant to their various projects, i.e. marie's dolls on qvc, her stint on "dancing with the stars," donny's broadway career, and of course, their childhood stardom (way before my time). this is what i observed:
-donny stole the show. period.
-he came across as natural, excited, energetic, and at one with the audience. marie lacked all of this. she was a tad stand-offish, and kept messing with her hair, clothes, microphone, you name it.
-marie is a great singer. donny is too.
-they both look really good for their age.
-i was the youngest person in the showroom.
-"puppy love" is a little cheesy, but still in my head for some reason...
-there were several video montages of their career throughout the show. if you're familiar with their work, it will be nostalgic. if not, probably a tad boring. 
-a decent show overall, but definitely geared toward the donny and marie fans.

stay tuned for my review of "george wallace."
photo of donny and marie swiped from the web