you bet your smorgasbord i'm swedish

people are proud of their heritage and that's something that will never change. the evidence is everywhere: shirts, bumper stickers, tattoos, etc. when it comes to heritage, people love announcing to the world that their family is from [insert any city or country]. well, i'm kind of the same way, but not in an obnoxious way--at least i don't think so... anyway, how many times have you seen "mexico" stamped in enormous old english letters on the back window of a truck, a jamaican flag hanging from a rear view mirror, a shirt that asserts that "italians do it best," or a cross-stitched pattern delicately declaring that the person is "american by birth, irish by the grace of god"? and these are just a few. 
it's a rare person, whom i haven't met yet, who is not proud of their birth country or roots. sure, i hear americans griping about the never-ending problems of this country, but once they step foot in another country, they'll defend the u.s. like they would their own mother. 
my swedish heritage is something i am beyond proud of. this being said, i was determined to snap a photo of christian (my nephew) dressed in his swedish pajamas and holding his stuffed reindeer. i didn't want him to grow out of them before i documented this healthy pride that is clearly growing leaps and bounds within him. i whisked him outside for an early morning photo and he handled it like a true swede, with courage and grace.  
don't worry, i will blog more about my increasing fondness for all things swedish in the coming weeks. until then, have a wonderful fredag (friday)!
outfit and animal from hanna andersson. the animal in the photo is a reindeer, not a dala horse. i'll distinguish the two in a future post. i know everyone will be waiting with bated breath...