Jitters. I still get the jitters. They start the day before the shoot and don't go away until the shoot is complete. During the shoot, they are in the background and I am focused on so many other things. There's a fine line. Not having nerves might cause me to forget something or be too laissez-faire. When I was a server at a restaurant, there were never any jitters. There was nothing to stress about. Nothing to think about and very little (if any) creativity. Sometimes I look at those days with rose-colored glasses and think how nice it would be to go to a job and be on cruise control. No advance prepping, no pep talks, no planning. Just show up, do my job and leave with a wad of cash at the end of the night. But I know I don't actually want that. A job like that gets boring. No challenge exists. And as much as I wish the jitters would disappear, I don't want to trade them for a sleepwalking existence.