Year of the Rabbit

Wow, Chinese New Year really sneaks up on you! Must be because the date changes every year. Anywho, right before I left for Taiwan last year, I had the opportunity to document Edward and Yuechen on their wedding day. CNY was on February 14th last year--also Valentine's Day--so it made the occasion doubly special. Of course, I never got around to blogging these photos (surprise surprise) but here they are now in all their glory. Enjoy.

Who: Edward and Yuechen
What: Wedding
Where: Venetian, Bellagio, Las Vegas Sign, Las Vegas, NV
P.S. Click HERE for info. on Las Vegas ChinaTown's festivities on Feb. 13th. 
P.P.S. I looked it up and the Year of the Rat (my year) will not be happening for another 8 or 9 years. Bummer. It's okay because next year is the Year of the Dragon and it will be huge!