a teacup of taiwan

i believe in plans. i believe in backup plans. this being said, i also believe in serendipity. anyone who has traveled, near or far, can attest to the reality of surprises and unexpected encounters. if you resist serendipity, you will be let down. let her be your guide and she will introduce you to experiences of every kind.
1. a typical crowded sidewalk during the day. all along the left side were food vendors. we tried mochi from one and it was powdery and squishy, just how i like it.
2. on a mad dash to find a bathroom, we stumbled upon this temple and i grabbed a quick photo.
3. aloe vera and other greenery spill out from an indoor market. if you look closely, you will see the seller hidden in the plants.
4. a close up of the seller.
5. the peace sign. see what i mean? 
6. as we came out of a temple, this caught my eye.  
7. colorful decoration right outside the doors of the longshan temple.
8. while ruby slept, her mom and i zipped up to the market to check things out. (in case you can't tell, her mom is a total sweetheart).
9. right as we stepped out the door, ruby's shoe broke and it was hilarious. you just had to be there.