a teacup of taiwan

arrival and the weather
i could not get warm enough during my first couple days in taiwan. the sky pounded down bullets of rain and the cold air seemed to flow straight through to my bones. nevertheless, we (me and ruby) skipped about the streets of taipei, using our umbrellas as shields, but still getting wet. the rain eventually ceased and became extremely pleasant. we stripped off our puffy coats and gushed over how spring-like the weather had become. throughout the two weeks i was in taiwan, i think i experienced all four seasons: it started cold, warmed up, became really hot and sticky, then cooled down the day i left.
below are a few photos we took upon arrival
1. umbrellas abound at a downtown temple.
2. on our way to our first restaurant. (okay, okay, it was a buffet. but not like a vegas buffet...) ruby is holding up a peace sign--the first of many to come. she says it's an "asian thing." i learned she was right.
3. i can't remember where we were. all i know is that i look overly excited, my hair is in the initial frizzy stages and ruby is expressing concern about something (maybe my hair?)
4. the ubiquitous peace sign.
5. in front of the national palace museum (i'll post about this later)
6. at a local temple. not sure what i'm doing. this is precisely why i'm usually behind the camera. 
7. little girl looking outside at the temple crowd. i love those bunny ears!