gift idea #6

#6: lawn mower

ladies and gentlemen, this gift benefits everyone. i promise. let me explain. a few weeks ago, as i was jogging throughout the residential neighborhoods by my house, i started thinking about how kids don't mow the lawn anymore. these days, most households hire an outside lawn service. what happened to the days when you would drive down the street and see boys and girls mowing the lawn on saturday morning? they grew up knowing that as soon as they could handle it, they would take over the chore so that mom or dad wouldn't have to do it anymore. those days are long gone. let's bring them back! 

parents will save a bundle on monthly lawn service
within a couple months, it will have paid for itself
kids will save their parents money, get some fresh air, learn a 
new skill, get a healthy dose of vitamin d, prepare themselves for filling up their car's gas tank one day, etc.
also, if a sprinkler gets run over or pine needles end up in the pool, you'll know who's responsible


*random, but related thought: i was just remembering that 80s movie "can't buy me love." ronald miller (aka patrick dempsey pre-grey's anatomy) was the lawn boy. he may not have been the "coolest" guy in the movie, but he's looking mighty fine these days...