Vacation Idea!

I am SO looking forward to our traveling family reunion this summer. Every year, one of us is in charge of picking the location and making plans. This summer, my sis Megan chose beach camping in Carlsbad. She's done it before with her family and loved it, so she thought the rest of us would too. She better be right. jk But seriously, the nice thing about this setup is that there are bathrooms and showers, so we don't have to totally rough it. This is a huge bonus (ie: dealbreaker) for my family. Another perk is the 7-11 around the corner....Cherry Coke runs anyone? Depending on the campsite you choose, it's $35 or $50 per night, up to 8 people. Killer deal, I know. But the catch is you have to sign up fast. Really fast. Check out reserveamerica.com for more info. Besides Carlsbad, there are a ton of other places to vacation. How exciting!
I will be spearheading next year's family reunion. Destination: Oregon. We will be tubing down the river, spending time on the coast, and if they're in season, picking blackberries. 
Photos below are from my Taiwan trip...we spent a day at the beach in Kuoshuing.