I looked at a recent post about how September passed so quickly. Well...October passed even more quickly and now we're a week into November. Yikes. I write that because there is still so much to do and time seems to be building momentum. Despite my busy October, I found some time to garden a little and read the first Harry Potter book (and vote--I can't believe I remembered). My little plants have perked up lately due to the rain and change of temperature. Yard-wise, I'm really looking forward to my next project: a little grape arbor with a bench underneath (maybe I'll add some lights too?) As for Harry Potter, I absolutely loved it and I definitely see the appeal. The next two books are waiting to be read, but alas, I still don't have time right now. The plan is to finish all of the books, watch the movies, and then see the final movie when it comes out in July.

But first...I'm going to focus on the holidays because they will be here before we know it. Yes!!