Why right-brainers will rule the future...

..that is the topic of Daniel Pink's book, A Whole New Mind. He believes that we are transitioning from the Information Age (left brain era) into the Conceptual Age (right brain era). I think he is right. As cliche as it sounds, this book is a breath of fresh air for me. As a right-brainer, it helps me understand myself better. It is refreshing to read a book that not only validates right brain thinking, but also encourages it. I have always felt like our society has put more importance and value on left brain subjects and careers. For a time, despite my constant interest in the visual arts, I bought into this belief. However, it still didn't stop me from pursuing the arts. I knew that I had to stay true to myself and my capabilities. If I had chosen a different path, I wouldn't have been happy. And although I second-guessed myself at times, I always knew this was true.

It's hard to pick out the best parts of this book; you just have to read it. Get ready to be inspired...get ready for the future.