portrait gallery...check

i've been wanting to update my web galleries for ages. actually, i've been wanting to update my website in general. i realized that taking on such a huge task like that is daunting--where do i start? with big projects like this, it is definitely best to break them up and work on them in sections, one at a time. i've already updated my wedding tips page (with more tips to come soon) and just barely finished editing and uploading my portrait gallery. go to my website here and click on the portrait image to see new work. it's been nearly a year since i've updated any gallery.
my next goals: wedding gallery (mucho work, since i shoot a LOT of weddings), event gallery, home page, overall look, and logo tweak. as i work on each project, i get all sorts of ideas and sometimes they become big and out of control. i write them down in a notebook/sketchbook and come back to them later. taking on too much too quickly is something i try not to do, even though it comes naturally. although it is a lot of work for one person, there is a tremendous amount of satisfaction in learning and discovering new things. at some point in the future, i would like to delegate certain responsibilities to others...but in the meantime, i am establishing a foundation for my business and i like to be on the "up-and-up" with everything.
p.s. in case anyone is curious, my website is created in dreamweaver and my web galleries are created for free in j album (i just upload them to the server and link everything up). it is definitely not fancy, but i love being able to maintain it myself.