today is september 1

that means that summer is officially over. i'm a bit sad about this. although i don't care for the insane heat that the las vegas desert yields, i do like a little warmth and the extra hours of sunlight. 
i know that i am going to long for the pool these next 6 or 7 months. there are two pools that i will not miss, however. the first one tore up my favorite swimsuit due to lots and lots of chlorine and other chemicals. the second one employs a very chatty security guard who enjoys telling me lengthy stories about his seven-foot pet anaconda and the dangers of owning one. i don't mind the conversation, but 30 minutes later, i realize that i don't have time to actually swim. oh well. 
these photos were taken at a summer event at the palms place. the pre-event photos ended up being more interesting than the event itself. this happens on occasion. 
hope everyone had a wonderful summer!