pursuit of happyness

today, i had the opportunity to work with chris gardner. the movie pursuit of happyness is based on his life. he spoke to a private group at the mandalay bay and shared his remarkable life experience of being a homeless father and working his way to the top despite the many setbacks he encountered. his words were captivating and inspiring, and in my opinion, better than the movie. hearing someone's life story from their own mouth has a power that can be felt and believed. now that i own a copy of his book, i have no excuse to not read it. i am looking forward to turning the first page. an interesting tidbit i learned today was that chris' son was 14 mos. old during their year of homelessness. the movie depicts the son as being 4 or 5 for dialogue purposes, but he was much younger. i give the man major props. his story is truly triumphant. 
p.s. i may or may not have asked chris if his son was single. jokingly, of course....