the day the cactus assaulted me: the untold story

about a month ago, i posted a photo from a shoot i shot in nelson, nv. the shoot couldn't have been better; everyone was relaxed and enjoying themselves, cotton clouds swept through the azure sky, and the old west was coming to life. but then the thorn in my side suddenly appeared. except it wasn't in my side.

about halfway through the shoot, right as i was about to press the shutter on my camera, i felt a sharp pain in my ankle. i'm talking really sharp. to say that it hurt like hell would be an understatement (i can use the "h word" since we're talking about the old west, right?). at that moment, i let go of my camera, not caring if i ever took another picture again (survival mode had already kicked in). all i wanted was for the pain to be gone. i looked down and realized that part of a cactus had breezed over toward me, made its way through my pant leg and sock, and went in for the kill. i started thinking reallyreallyfast. the pain was excruciating.
fortunately, luck was on my side and z came to my rescure. he took two rocks about the size of eggs, one in each hand, and pulled out the cactus with the rocks. relief swept over me. the pain persisted for several minutes, but i knew it was downhill from there. and here i am today blogging about it. isn't it great to be alive?

who: alyce, brooks and z
what: portrait 
where: nelson, nevada
p.s. all of these photos were shot with a 16-35 mm lens