when it's time to lean...

i stole this photo from my sister's blog. this is her son with his grandpa. i can't forget to point out that this was not staged; of course, that's what makes it so great, right? 
this photo takes me back to the time when i worked at krispy kreme many moons ago. multi-tasking was the name of the game there. i worked the drive-thru, emptied the coffee grounds, and boxed fresh doughnuts after they had glided through the "glaze waterfall" or "glazer" (whichever you prefer)-all simultaneously! after a tornado-like rush, i would lean against the stainless steel counter, exhale, and relax my sore feet. 2.3 seconds later, my boss e--- would saunter by and inform me that "when it's time to lean, it's time to clean." funny how things like that stay with you throughout the years. anyway, here's to old bosses!
photo by camille